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6 Lessons from the collapse of a Unicorn

Hopin's journey from a pandemic-driven high to a quiet decline illuminates the critical need for startups to adapt beyond initial success, highlighting strategic missteps in market reliance, data utilization, integration, sales strategy, and pricing, offering lessons in sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Going Down Market in 2024? You're not alone.

Companies like AWS and Google are focusing more on down-market sales and making changes to their enterprise sales organizations for several strategic reasons, driven by the evolving market dynamics and customer needs. For Google Cloud, the strategy involves a major reshuffle within its go-to-market organization to boost its competitiveness, as reported by SiliconANGLE.

Mastering the Art of Trade Show Success: A Guide to Running an Effective Booth

Do's and Don't of executing trade show and live event marketing.

Zoominfo Alternatives

Amidst growing dissatisfaction with ZoomInfo, businesses are turning to alternatives like self-serve platforms and AI-driven, white-glove data services for more tailored, accurate data solutions.

Executing Permission Pass Data with LeadGenius: A Comprehensive Guide

LeadGenius enhances digital marketing with privacy-compliant contact management and permission pass campaigns. See why this tool is invaluable in the world of global data compliance.

Moving Up Market: Mastering the Transition from Mid-Market to Enterprise Sales

Transitioning from mid-market to enterprise sales involves adopting a strategic approach that includes patience, targeted focus on key industries, and leveraging internal resources for deeper engagement.

Perfecting the Recipe for Success: The Sales Playbook as the Secret Sauce of Scaling

This article likens a well-developed sales playbook to the secret rub of a barbecue restaurant, emphasizing its crucial role in seasoning a company's sales strategy with success and scalability through collaborative creation, strategic content, and adaptive practices.

Maximizing Champion Monitoring for Effective Sales Strategies

In the realm of B2B sales, the concept of champion building often carries with it several myths and misunderstandings that can significantly impact the effectiveness of your sales strategy. This blog post aims to dispel these myths and offer practical advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of champion monitoring to best utilize it in your sales approach.