What a new CMO/CRO should learn in their first 90 days on the job

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February 13, 2024

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a CRO or CMO, embarking on the transformative first 90 days. Your mission? To understand deeply, not just skim the surface. This mission, inspired by Doug Bell but seasoned with our own flavor, pivots on a singular concept: UNDERSTAND.

Understanding isn't just about glimpsing the contours of a lake; it's about recognizing you're surrounded by an ocean of potential that you've yet to navigate. This journey of comprehension dives through four layers of insight:

  1. Insights from Your Sellers and Founders: The frontline experiences, the knowledge bombs.
  2. Insights from Your Customers: The reasons they chose you, the problems they hoped you'd solve.
  3. Additional Insights from Your Customers: Digging deeper into their needs and desires.
  4. Market Insights: The broad vista, understanding the ecosystem in which you and your customers exist.

In the Seth Godin universe, where marketing meets storytelling, the fourth level - market insights - is where the magic happens. This is where LeadGenius steps in, like a guide on this journey of understanding, especially when it comes to the art of scoring your market.

Scoring Your Market: A Tale of Custom Insights

For visionary leaders, the act of scoring the market is akin to crafting a narrative that highlights your unique position. LeadGenius, with its bespoke data insights, is the paintbrush that colors outside the lines of conventional data lakes, offering a palette tailored to your narrative.

Top users like Snowflake are not just using LeadGenius; they are experiencing a transformation in how they approach their Total Addressable Market (TAM). They're moving beyond generic data, diving into the depth of bespoke insights that reveal not just who their market is today, but who it could be tomorrow.

Custom Insights: The LeadGenius Difference

  • Tailored Data at Scale: We believe in the power of specificity. Like a master chef selecting the perfect ingredients, LeadGenius provides data that's specifically chosen for your unique market narrative.
  • Rich Account Signals: Imagine having a map that shows not just the terrain but the movement of every creature within it. LeadGenius offers account signals that illuminate your market's landscape in real-time, from new product launches to strategic hires.
  • Global and Vertical Insights: For giants like SAP, Amazon, and Microsoft, the global stage is their arena. LeadGenius crafts data narratives that resonate on a global scale, ensuring your story is not just heard but felt across borders.

Snowflake's Journey: A Testament to Precision

Snowflake's experience with scoring their TAM through LeadGenius is not just a success story; it's a testament to the power of precision. By integrating custom insights into their strategy, they've turned the ocean of market potential into navigable waters, steering towards opportunities with the confidence of a seasoned captain.

In the Seth Godin lens, scoring your market with LeadGenius is not just an activity; it's an act of creation. It's about building a dataset that doesn't just reflect your competitive advantage but amplifies it through the power of story.

For those ready to embrace this journey, to score your market with the precision of a poet and the insight of a strategist, LeadGenius stands ready. Together, we can explore the depths of your market's ocean, crafting a narrative that not only defines your place within it but reimagines it entirely.

Dive into the narrative of your market with LeadGenius. Let's create a story that's not just told but lived, through data that's as dynamic and unique as your vision.

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