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June 26, 2024

Exploring Alternatives to ZoomInfo

The reliance on prebuilt databases, such as those offered by ZoomInfo, presents inherent limitations in adequately covering the expansive and multifaceted market landscape. This one-size-fits-all approach to data aggregation often falls short in capturing the unique dynamics and nuances of specific sectors, particularly those experiencing rapid growth or transformation. Industries such as eCommerce and healthcare, along with sectors like education and the public sector, exemplify the areas where prebuilt databases struggle to provide comprehensive and up-to-date insights. In this post we focus on the fundamental limitations of Zoominfo and how others in the space are helping to pick up the slack.

Not Built with YOU in Mind

In the intricate world of sales and marketing, the quest for high-quality, actionable data is unending. Organizations across different sectors are constantly seeking insights that align with their unique value propositions, target personas, and ideal customer profiles (ICPs). This pursuit is complicated by the diverse and specialized needs of each vertical, making a one-size-fits-all approach to data—such as that offered by prebuilt databases—insufficient for fulfilling these requirements. The stark differences in data needs between sectors like eCommerce and healthcare exemplify why a more nuanced, customized approach to data sourcing and enrichment is essential.

For eCommerce companies, the competitive landscape is fast-paced and driven by digital visibility and consumer behavior. Sales and marketing teams in this sector require data that sheds light on potential clients' online presence, advertising expenditure, product range, and market positioning. Understanding these facets enables them to tailor their outreach and solutions to the specific challenges and opportunities within the eCommerce domain. For instance, knowledge about a company's advertising spend can indicate its growth ambitions and marketing strategies, providing a sales team with crucial context for personalized pitches.

Contrastingly, the healthcare sector operates within a completely different framework of priorities and regulations. For organizations targeting this vertical, data needs skew towards the operational aspects of potential clients, such as the number of beds in a hospital or the specialties of its medical staff. This information is vital for understanding the scale and service focus of healthcare institutions, allowing sales and marketing teams to propose solutions that resonate with the healthcare provider's specific challenges, be it improving patient care, streamlining operations, or adopting new technologies.

The discrepancy in data needs between these two examples underlines the inadequacy of prebuilt databases in serving the nuanced requirements of complex sales and marketing organizations. Prebuilt databases, with their standardized datasets, lack the depth and specificity to cater to the unique ICPs of businesses operating in distinct verticals. They may provide a broad overview but miss out on the vertical-specific insights that can be the key to unlocking meaningful engagement and conversion.

Moreover, the dynamic nature of industries means that data requirements can evolve rapidly, necessitating a flexible and responsive approach to data enrichment. A static database cannot adapt quickly enough to these changes, leaving organizations with outdated or irrelevant data that can lead to missed opportunities and misguided strategies.

In response to these challenges, the need for a tailored, dynamic approach to data acquisition and enrichment becomes clear. Organizations must look beyond the limitations of prebuilt databases to solutions that can offer customized insights, reflecting the unique characteristics and needs of their target verticals. By leveraging advanced data enrichment platforms and services, companies can obtain the specific, real-time data they require, whether it's the latest eCommerce trends or critical operational metrics in healthcare. This level of customization and precision in data sourcing not only enhances the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts but also ensures that organizations can remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of their target markets.

Best Data Provides for eCommerce data

For eCommerce data, selecting the right data provider depends on the specific needs of your business, such as market analysis, customer behavior insights, product trends, or competitive intelligence. Here are some of the best data providers known for their comprehensive and actionable eCommerce insights:

  1. SimilarWeb: Offers extensive web traffic and analytics data, which can be invaluable for understanding consumer behavior, tracking competitors’ online performance, and identifying market trends.
  2. Jungle Scout: Specifically designed for Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout offers a suite of tools that help uncover profitable products, track competition, and optimize sales strategies on the Amazon marketplace.
  3. SEMrush: A powerful tool for analyzing website performance, SEMrush provides insights into SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media engagement, making it useful for digital marketing strategy in the eCommerce space.
  4. eMarketer: Specializes in digital market research, offering reports and insights on digital marketing, media, and commerce, which can help eCommerce businesses stay ahead of trends and consumer preferences.
  5. LeadGenius: Beyond traditional eCommerce data, LeadGenius offers bespoke data enrichment services that can provide tailored insights into potential customers, market segments, and personalized outreach strategies.

Education and Public Sector: Missing Titles and Opportunities

The education and public sector markets further highlight the limitations of prebuilt databases. Titles and roles within these sectors can be highly specific, reflecting the unique structures and hierarchies of educational institutions and government bodies. However, these specialized titles are often underrepresented or inaccurately categorized in prebuilt databases, leading to challenges in identifying the right contacts for sales and marketing initiatives. The scarcity of detailed and accurate data for these sectors diminishes the ability of businesses to effectively engage with potential clients or partners in education and the public sector, potentially overlooking opportunities in these important areas.

When targeting the SLED (State, Local, and Education) and broader public sector markets, leveraging data providers that offer detailed insights into these specific segments can dramatically enhance your sales and marketing strategies. These sectors have unique procurement processes, budget cycles, and decision-making structures, necessitating tailored approaches. Here are some of the best data providers for those aiming to engage with SLED and public sector contacts, including LeadGenius for a comprehensive approach:

1. GovWin from Deltek

  • Specialization: GovWin is renowned for its focus on government contracting opportunities, providing in-depth intelligence on federal, state, and local government procurement.
  • Key Features: It offers detailed project forecasts, agency spending analysis, and contact information for key decision-makers, making it indispensable for navigating the public sector procurement landscape.

2. Onvia

  • Specialization: Similar to GovWin, Onvia provides comprehensive market intelligence tailored to businesses seeking to sell to government agencies across all levels, including SLED markets.
  • Key Features: Onvia tracks government spending and contracting opportunities, offering insights into bid and RFP (Request for Proposal) data, purchasing trends, and future procurement forecasts.

3. Center for Digital Education (CDE)

  • Specialization: The CDE focuses on the education technology market within K-12 and higher education institutions, offering research and events that highlight opportunities for tech vendors.
  • Key Features: Access to research reports, policy analysis, and an engaged community of education leaders makes CDE a valuable resource for those selling edtech solutions to the education sector.

4. LeadGenius

  • Specialization: LeadGenius stands out for its bespoke data enrichment and lead generation services that cater to a wide range of industries, including SLED and the broader public sector.
  • Key Features:
    • Custom Data Enrichment: LeadGenius offers tailored data solutions, enriching your prospect lists with actionable insights specific to your target segments within the SLED and public sectors.
    • Real-Time Insights and Global Reach: With the capability to provide updated data and insights on a global scale, LeadGenius ensures your sales strategies are informed by the latest market developments.
    • Personalized Outreach: By understanding the unique needs and challenges of your target audience, LeadGenius enables more personalized and effective sales outreach to SLED and public sector contacts.

5. PowerAlmanac

  • Specialization: PowerAlmanac focuses exclusively on local government, providing data on elected officials and key decision-makers in city and county governments across the United States.
  • Key Features: Its comprehensive database of local government contacts is ideal for businesses looking to directly reach decision-makers in the SLED sector.

6. CivicPlus

  • Specialization: While CivicPlus provides integrated technology solutions for local governments, its insights into the needs and operational challenges of local government entities can inform vendors about potential sales opportunities.
  • Key Features: Their expertise in government website solutions, community engagement tools, and emergency communication systems offers valuable context for sales strategies targeting local governments.

Choosing the right data provider hinges on your specific objectives, whether it’s understanding procurement processes, identifying key decision-makers, or tailoring solutions to the unique needs of the SLED and public sectors. Combining the strengths of specialized data providers like GovWin and Onvia with the bespoke services of LeadGenius can equip your business with a well-rounded, insightful approach to engaging these critical markets effectively.

Best Data Provides for HealthCare

Selling to hospital networks and private practitioners in the healthcare sector requires a data tool that offers detailed insights into the healthcare industry, including comprehensive information on healthcare facilities, decision-makers, and market trends. Given the specific needs of targeting these groups, a tool that combines in-depth healthcare industry data with the ability to customize and target specific segments effectively would be most beneficial. Here are two highly recommended tools for this purpose:

1. Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is arguably one of the best data tools for anyone looking to sell to hospital networks and private practitioners. It specializes in healthcare data and analytics, providing users with access to an extensive database of healthcare providers, insights into healthcare systems, and detailed information on individual practitioners. Key features that make Definitive Healthcare particularly useful include:

  • Extensive Healthcare Database: It offers comprehensive data on over 9,000 hospitals and IDNs (Integrated Delivery Networks), including private practices, with detailed profiles that include technology usage, affiliations, and network structures.
  • Decision-Maker Information: Access to detailed contact information for key hospital network and private practice decision-makers, which is crucial for personalized sales outreach.
  • Market Insights and Analytics: Provides market analysis tools that allow for tracking of industry trends, understanding referral patterns, analyzing patient demographics, and more, aiding in the development of informed sales strategies.
  • Integration Capabilities: Definitive Healthcare can integrate with CRM systems, enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring that data insights are seamlessly incorporated into sales processes.


IQVIA offers a range of solutions tailored to the healthcare industry that can complement your sales strategy, especially when targeting hospital networks and private practitioners. While not exclusively a data tool like Definitive Healthcare, IQVIA's comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Healthcare Provider Data: Access to a global database of healthcare professionals, including detailed profiles of hospitals and private practitioners.
  • Market Research and Analytics: Offers insights into healthcare trends, drug usage, and treatment patterns, which can be pivotal when selling products or services that cater to specific medical needs.
  • Targeting and Segmentation Tools: Allows for the precise targeting of specific healthcare segments, including specialties relevant to your product or service offering.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Insights: Essential for navigating the complex regulatory environment of the healthcare sector, ensuring that your sales approach is compliant with industry standards.

3. LeadGenius

LeadGenius distinguishes itself by providing bespoke data enrichment and lead generation services tailored to your specific sales and marketing needs. While it is not solely focused on the healthcare industry, its strength lies in its ability to customize data solutions, making it a versatile tool for targeting specific segments within the healthcare market, including hospital networks and private practitioners. Key advantages of using LeadGenius include:

  • Custom Data Enrichment: LeadGenius excels in delivering tailored data insights. By focusing on your unique value proposition and ideal customer profiles, LeadGenius can provide highly targeted lists of hospital networks and private practitioners, enriched with actionable insights.
  • Real-Time Data and Global Reach: With LeadGenius, you benefit from real-time data updates, ensuring that your sales team has access to the most current information. This is particularly important in the fast-evolving healthcare sector. Moreover, its global data capabilities make it an excellent choice if your sales targets include international markets.
  • Personalized Outreach: LeadGenius not only identifies potential leads but also offers insights into the needs and challenges specific to those leads. This level of detail supports the creation of personalized outreach strategies that are more likely to resonate with healthcare professionals and decision-makers.
  • Integration and Automation: The platform's ability to integrate with existing CRM systems and automate the data enrichment process streamlines sales workflows, allowing your team to focus more on strategy and engagement rather than data management.

SMB Data Limitations and the Impact on Market Sizing

When it comes to the SMB market, the shortcomings of prebuilt databases become even more pronounced. The dynamic nature of small and medium-sized businesses, with their frequent changes in size, focus, and even existence, requires a data collection approach that is agile and continuously updated. Prebuilt databases, with their static snapshots of the market, often contain outdated information, leading to inaccuracies in market sizing and intelligence. This can skew businesses' perceptions of market opportunities, competitive landscapes, and growth potential, ultimately impacting strategic decision-making.

The reliance on old prebuilt data models also hampers effective market sizing, particularly in sectors undergoing rapid changes or those characterized by a high volume of small, niche players. The inability to capture the full spectrum of businesses within a given market segment can lead to underestimations of market size and potential, misleading businesses about the true scale of opportunities available.

Filling the Gaps Left by Prebuilt Databases

While ZoomInfo offers an extensive database, its reach into the SMB sector and coverage of international markets can sometimes mirror the challenge of exploring a vast terrain with an incomplete map. The platform's structure, heavily reliant on prebuilt databases, might not fully capture the dynamic nature of "mom and pop" shops and smaller enterprises that are critical yet often underrepresented in the digital ecosystem.

LeadGenius addresses these shortcomings by acting as the detailed cartographer needed to navigate these uncharted territories. With its advanced data enrichment capabilities, LeadGenius extends the potential of ZoomInfo by delving into the broader web, thereby uncovering valuable insights into SMBs that typically lie beyond the scope of prebuilt databases. This exploration is not just about adding more data; it's about enriching ZoomInfo's dataset with precision-targeted insights that are directly relevant to users' specific needs.

Addressing the Opportunity Costs and Customer Experience Challenges

A significant aspect often overlooked in the use of comprehensive databases like ZoomInfo is the opportunity cost associated with the time sales reps spend mining and sifting through data. Despite the wealth of information ZoomInfo provides, the platform's limitations in terms of SMB and international data coverage can lead to extensive hours spent on research, which detracts from time that could be better spent engaging with prospects and generating revenue.

Moreover, concerns around the customer experience and renewal process with ZoomInfo have been noted, including challenges in navigating the platform and issues related to data relevance and freshness. These pain points underscore the need for a more efficient, tailored approach to data management and utilization.

LeadGenius's innovative solution significantly mitigates these concerns by automating and customizing the data enrichment process, potentially reducing the time investment by sales reps by up to 80%. This shift not only streamlines the workflow but also ensures that the data sales teams work with is the most relevant and up-to-date, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: building relationships and closing deals. By enhancing ZoomInfo's offering with high-quality, actionable insights, LeadGenius not only improves the efficiency of sales teams but also enriches the overall customer experience, making data management more intuitive and results more impactful.

Beyond ZoomInfo: Unveiling the Full Spectrum of the SMB

The partnership between ZoomInfo and LeadGenius provides a compelling value proposition for companies aiming to deepen their engagement within the SMB market. While ZoomInfo sets a solid foundation with its vast database and networking tools, LeadGenius propels users into deeper waters, leveraging the full expanse of the internet to bring to light insights and opportunities that prebuilt databases alone cannot reveal.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the quest for comprehensive market penetration and customer engagement, particularly within the crucial SMB sector. By transcending the inherent limitations of ZoomInfo’s prebuilt data model and harnessing the power of custom, real-time insights from LeadGenius, businesses are better positioned to navigate the complexities of today’s B2B landscape with confidence.

Best SMB data tools

When targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and mom-and-pop shops, selecting the right B2B data provider is crucial for the success of your sales and marketing efforts. These businesses often require a personalized approach due to their unique needs and operational characteristics. Among the variety of options available, LeadGenius, Apollo.io, SalesIntel, and Keyplay are notable for their capabilities to deliver actionable insights tailored to these segments. Here's how each stands out, with a particular focus on LeadGenius for its exceptional offerings:


LeadGenius excels in providing bespoke data enrichment services, making it an ideal partner for businesses aiming to sell to SMBs and mom-and-pop shops. What sets LeadGenius apart is its ability to offer customized solutions that go beyond standard data offerings:

  • Custom Data Enrichment: LeadGenius employs a combination of technology and human intelligence to gather and enrich data according to the specific criteria and needs of your target market, ensuring high relevance and precision.
  • Global Reach with Local Insight: It understands the importance of local nuances in SMB operations, providing data that reflects these subtleties for more effective targeting and engagement.
  • Scalable Solutions: Whether you're targeting a few hundred businesses or scaling up to several thousand, LeadGenius scales with your needs, maintaining the quality and accuracy of data.
  • Integration and Workflow Optimization: LeadGenius easily integrates with your existing CRM and sales platforms, streamlining your workflows and making it easier to act on the data provided.


Apollo.io offers a robust database with advanced search and filter options, making it easy to identify SMBs and mom-and-pop shops:

  • Comprehensive Database: Access millions of business records with detailed filters to narrow down your search to the most relevant SMB prospects.
  • Sales Engagement: Apollo.io provides tools for direct outreach, including email sequencing and call task automation, all within the platform.
  • Integration Capabilities: It integrates with major CRMs, ensuring that your sales processes are seamless and data-driven.


SalesIntel is another key player in the B2B data provider space, known for its high-quality data and focus on accuracy:

  • Verified Contacts: SalesIntel prides itself on offering human-verified data, ensuring high accuracy in contact information, which is crucial when engaging with SMBs.
  • Technographic and Firmographic Data: Provides detailed insights into the technology stack and firmographic details of businesses, enabling tailored sales pitches.
  • Regular Data Refreshes: Guarantees that the data remains up-to-date, which is vital for maintaining the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

LeadGenius: The Ultimate Data Tool

Custom Data Enrichment: Unlike many of its counterparts, LeadGenius goes beyond providing a static database. It listens to and integrates customer feedback into its data collection process, ensuring the information you receive is not only vast but specifically tailored to meet your unique business requirements. This level of customization is particularly vital when engaging with sectors as varied as SMBs and mom-and-pop shops, which often elude the broad nets cast by traditional data providers.

Real-Time Data Curation: In a business environment where markets can shift overnight, LeadGenius offers a competitive edge by delivering real-time updates. This ensures that your sales and marketing teams are acting on the most current information available, allowing for agile decision-making and strategy pivoting that keeps you ahead of market dynamics.

Bespoke Data Points: LeadGenius's ability to capture and provide bespoke data points sets it apart. Whether you need insights into an eCommerce company's advertising spend or detailed information on a healthcare facility's capacity and specialties, LeadGenius can deliver. This bespoke approach ensures that your outreach is highly targeted and resonates with your intended audience.

Customer-Centric Model: At the heart of LeadGenius's operation is a commitment to integrating customer input into its service delivery. This customer-centric model ensures that the data provided aligns perfectly with your sales and marketing strategies, enhancing the efficacy of your campaigns and driving better outcomes.

Comparing Other Major Data Providers

While LeadGenius shines in its bespoke and real-time data offerings, other major data providers also bring valuable services to the table. Tools like Apollo.io, SalesIntel, and Keyplay offer a range of features from extensive databases and automated outreach workflows to GDPR compliance and advanced firmographic and technographic data. However, when it comes to the depth of customization and the integration of real-time data and customer feedback, LeadGenius clearly leads the pack.

Choosing the Right B2B Data Provider

Selecting the best B2B data provider for your business involves weighing several factors:

  • Data Quality and Relevance: Ensure the data is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to your market focus.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The ability to tailor data according to specific ICPs and business needs is crucial.
  • Real-Time Updates: In a fast-paced market environment, having access to the latest information can give you a significant competitive advantage.
  • Customer Support and Integration: Look for providers that offer excellent customer service and seamless integration with your existing CRM and sales platforms.

The Crux of the Matter

ZoomInfo's aggressive renewal tactics, community data acquisition model, instances of outdated or inaccurate data, and reported lapses in customer support have left many users exploring other avenues. The market's frustration underscores a critical need for data sources that offer more than just a vast database — seeking accuracy, freshness, and customer-centric service.

The Self-Serve Segment

For those favoring a hands-on approach, several self-serve platforms offer robust functionalities at competitive prices:

  • Apollo.io: A versatile platform that provides a comprehensive suite of sales intelligence and engagement tools. Its data accuracy and integration capabilities make it a favorite among growth-focused teams.
  • Leadspace: A customer data platform that uses AI to provide B2B sales and marketing teams with a unified customer view, enhancing targeting and personalization efforts.
  • Clay: Known for its intuitive design, Clay allows users to build powerful automation and data enrichment workflows with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Lusha: Offers quick access to contact and company information directly from your browser, emphasizing ease of use and speed for individual professionals and small teams.

These platforms cater to businesses that prefer direct control over their data discovery and enrichment processes, providing tools that empower teams to act swiftly and independently.

The White-Glove Data Services

For organizations seeking a more tailored approach, white-glove data services like LeadGenius offer a distinct advantage. These platforms utilize AI and LLMs to deliver bespoke data solutions that cater to specific industry needs, global markets, and unique campaign messages. The benefits of such personalized services include:

  • Customized Data: Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, white-glove services provide data that is meticulously curated and tailored to fit your specific business context, ensuring relevancy and accuracy.
  • Global Market Penetration: With a focus on uncovering niche markets and industry-specific data, these services enable businesses to tap into uncharted territories and global markets, avoiding the crowded spaces where competitors might already be active.
  • Enhanced Campaign Nuance: By understanding the subtleties of your marketing and sales strategies, white-glove services can layer in data that complements and elevates your messaging, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.
  • Competitive Edge: Having access to unique data sets means your outreach efforts won't mirror those of your competitors, offering a fresh perspective to potential clients and setting your pitches apart.

The Value Proposition

The shift towards alternatives to ZoomInfo signifies a broader trend in the B2B landscape — the search for data partners that not only provide contact information but enhance strategic initiatives through deep insights and customization. Self-serve platforms offer agility and control, perfect for teams that prefer to manage their data discovery in-house. On the other hand, white-glove services like LeadGenius present a solution for businesses looking for data that's not just a list of contacts but a strategic asset tailored to their specific objectives.

In essence, the choice between ZoomInfo and its alternatives boils down to what your team values most — whether it's the autonomy of managing data internally or the strategic advantage gained from customized, AI-enhanced data services. As the demand for more nuanced, tailored data solutions grows, businesses are encouraged to explore these alternatives to not just navigate the data landscape but to chart new territories in their sales and marketing efforts.

Last thoughts

Today, where the currency of data reigns supreme, blending ZoomInfo's robust database with LeadGenius's bespoke data enrichment services equips B2B sales and marketing professionals with an unparalleled toolkit. This synergy not only addresses the critical gaps in ZoomInfo’s SMB and international market coverage but also revolutionizes the customer experience, transforming data from a static resource into a dynamic engine of growth. Through this partnership, LeadGenius doesn’t just augment ZoomInfo; it redefines the possibilities of data-driven business strategies, unlocking new horizons of opportunity and engagement in the vital SMB sector.

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