Revitalize Your CRM: The ROI of B2B Data Enrichment and Mitigating Data Decay

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March 25, 2024

Like organic matter, data also faces a similar fate – decay. In the B2B SaaS space, data decay is an insidious issue that erodes the value of your CRM database over time 1. This deterioration describes the decline in the quality of data within marketing and sales databases. With time, data becomes inaccurate, outdated, and sometimes irrelevant, severely affecting the effectiveness of your inbound marketing and lead generation efforts 2.

Understanding the Impact of Data Decay in the B2B SaaS Space

In this age of information, data is the lifeblood of any organization, especially B2B enterprises that rely heavily on accurate contact data for successful marketing and sales campaigns. Therefore, leaving your CRM data untouched for an extended period can be detrimental. Businesses might find themselves grappling with a database that is antiquated, erroneous, or incomplete 3.Numerous studies have proven the importance of maintaining high data quality in your CRM. Dun & Bradstreet's report shows that companies that reduced their data investments saw a 35% decrease in overall performance and a 75% decline in sales and marketing performance 4. Conversely, those that bolstered their data investments reported a 94% improvement in their sales and marketing performance 5.Therefore, it's clear that mitigating data decay and ensuring your CRM database stays evergreen fresh with highly responsive B2B SaaS buyers can significantly increase your return on investment (ROI).

Addressing Data Decay: The Role of B2B Data Enrichment

B2B data enrichment is a process that enhances your CRM data by adding missing or valuable details. Services like LeadGenius provide intent signals, contact monitoring, and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) expansion – services that effectively increase data accuracy, better lead nurturing, and consequently, your ROI 6.With data enrichment, even the slightest proactive measure can offset wasted time and resources due to data decay blunders. An efficient strategy to thwart data decay is the transition from manual data entry to automated digital platforms. Digital automation constantly supplements and rectifies deteriorating data, keeping your CRM up-to-date and accurate 7.Standardization, or normalization, is also crucial to hinder decay – data requires a stable base to be seamlessly supplemented. As you construct your tech stack, contemplate their integrations to ensure data updates from diverse sources 8.

LeadGenius: A Step Ahead in Addressing Data Decay

LeadGenius, an eminent player in the realm of B2B data enrichment, helps keep your CRM data fresh, reliable, and actionable. They offer a variety of services, including removing outdated records, supplementing missing fields, validating email addresses, standardizing data values, and tracking contact activity 9.LeadGenius goes beyond just managing data decay. They enhance your B2B data with details such as industry, company revenue and size, title, job function, management level, and more. This information is crucial for building an accurate Ideal Customer Profile, enabling your sales team to conduct the most effective outreach with higher close ratios and shortened sales cycles 10.Not only does LeadGenius manage data decay, but it also equips businesses with the capability to extract meaningful insights from data sets and leverage this data in creative and groundbreaking ways. With a clean and precise database, you ensure you're always engaging the appropriate audience, acquiring the right insights, and acting on them at the opportune moment 11.

Conclusion: Better B2B Data, Higher ROI

To reiterate, data decay and deterioration is a common phenomenon in all databases due to frequent job shifts or title changes, business closures, and mergers. This makes addressing data decay an integral part of managing your CRM.By partnering with B2B data and intent signal data providers like LeadGenius, you ensure better data accuracy in your CRM. You gain a more actionable ICP and better B2B lead generation capabilities. This ultimately leads to a more effective and efficient sales process and a higher return on your data investment.Data is the foundation of your business growth, and keeping it fresh and accurate ensures your business remains competitive and profitable in the ever-evolving B2B SaaS landscape.

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