Lead Monitoring: Uncover High Value Leads from Your Existing Data

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March 25, 2024

How many marketing campaigns has your organization run during its lifetime?How many engaged leads did you generate?From those leads, how many turned into paid customers?More importantly…how many did not?Think about all of the people somewhere in your funnel – whether early on into their journey with your brand, in deep conversations, or closed lost. The ones who know about your brand, maybe even talked to your team a couple of times, but you never sealed the deal.They’re just sitting there… Untapped.Every organization is sitting on this gold mine of data.So, before you buy more data, you can take a look at your entire existing contact database and think about the ways you can reignite a conversation about your product.Our customers have found success with converting existing contacts by monitoring leads for four unique pieces of data. Here’s how monitoring your leads for position changes is one of the easiest ways to reignite a conversation.

Internal Promotions

To close deals, you have to convince the decision-maker(s).But, you’ll often find that your mid-funnel leads are potential users or admins of your product, not the decision-maker.Regardless of whether you were in active conversations with this mid-level person or they’ve only just discovered your brand, they’re critical people to keep tabs on.Because, if and when they come into power, they’ll already be primed with great content and valuable insights from your brand.With long sales cycle products, promotions can occur and power can shift. Even if they’ve chosen a competitor solution, internal promotion is a great reason to reach back and check in on their satisfaction level of your competitor.

Job Changes

Beyond just internal promotions, you should be tracking if an individual changes companies. This not only goes for the folks in the middle of your funnel but your current customers who you’ve already closed… and even those who chose your competitor.Tracking customers that have already bought from you can be turned into hot leads as soon as they move into a new company. While you don’t want to be overly aggressive when they make the move (give them some time to get themselves situated!), you want to be proactive in your reach out and congratulations.Want to beat your competitors? Of course, you do. Well, then you have to be the first to contact their customers when they change companies. If you’re monitoring leads that are your competitor’s customers, you can proactively reach out and show how your solution solves more of their problems. Their chances of buying a solution in your space is high given they bought from your competitor in the past.In today’s marketplace where 30-50% of people change jobs or roles – there’s a very high likelihood to get another shot at these prospects.And, chances are, they have a similar job title at the new organization — which means they’re going to need similar tools. In the first 3-6 months of joining a new organization, a decision-maker or an executive will re-evaluates tools, stacks, and teams to have the best shot for success. Starting a conversation early is a strategic advantage, and you can only know these movements if you’re keeping track.

Mining Your Internal Data for Gold

This is a process you can undertake today by ensuring that you are checking for employment change weekly or monthly. People change jobs or are promoted every day. If you aren’t constantly checking for these changes, you could be missing out on some of the warmest leads.Given the number of people that change jobs every year, it’s pretty clear how big this opportunity is. Say you want to monitor 100,000 leads – from your engaged prospects and past customers. Well, we know that 30-50% of folks will change jobs or be promoted this year…. That’s 2,000 – 4,000 people changing jobs or roles every single month. Monitoring these changes could give you a steady flow of high value leads every month.LeadGenius has built proprietary tools and processes to specialize in this space, providing the highest match rate amongst all data vendors. We’ve helped several enterprises analyze their databases and reignite opportunities with immense success. Please reach out to one of us if you’d like to learn more about how to uncover high value leads in your existing database before you go around investing in new leads.Contact LeadGenius today to learn more about lead monitoring and many more B2B data use cases.

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