Enhancing eCommerce and Payments Strategies with LeadGenius and Enigma

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June 4, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce and payments, having access to high-quality transaction data combined with advanced entity resolution and bespoke contact data is like striking gold. For Revenue Ops, Marketing, and Sales leaders, these insights are invaluable for targeting SMBs and achieving go-to-market excellence.

The Power of Transaction Data

Transaction data provides a wealth of information about customer behaviors, preferences, and financial health. It includes detailed information about purchases, payment patterns, and transaction volumes. When accurately captured and analyzed, this data can reveal trends, predict future behaviors, and uncover opportunities for engagement and growth. This is especially critical for SMBs, whose purchasing and payment behaviors can be complex and varied.

World-Class Entity Resolution

Entity resolution is the process of identifying and linking multiple records that refer to the same entity across different data sources. This process is crucial for ensuring data accuracy and comprehensiveness, particularly for SMBs that might operate under various legal names and DBAs (Doing Business As). By resolving these entities correctly, businesses can create unified profiles that provide a complete view of each customer. This not only helps in understanding the customer better but also in tailoring marketing and sales strategies to meet their specific needs.

Bespoke Contact Data

Bespoke contact data involves gathering and customizing contact information to fit specific business needs. This data goes beyond basic contact details, incorporating additional layers of information such as social media profiles, corporate officers, and physical addresses. This enriched data enables more personalized and effective outreach strategies. For instance, knowing the key decision-makers within an SMB and their contact details can significantly enhance the effectiveness of sales outreach.

Building Bespoke Data Sets with LeadGenius and Enigma

transaction data

1. Bespoke Data Sets with LeadGenius

LeadGenius uses advanced data crawling capabilities to gather detailed SMB data, including technographics, firmographics, hiring trends, and growth indicators from over 40 million websites. This data is then used to create unified profiles by integrating various digital breadcrumbs such as email addresses and social media profiles, ensuring that businesses have the most accurate and comprehensive view of their customers.

2. Advanced Data Integration with Enigma

Enigma provides deep insights into SMB purchasing behaviors and payment patterns, revealing crucial operational and financial information. Enigma’s data enrichment capabilities fill gaps in the data, offering a complete view of each SMB's operations and financial health. This enriched data allows for more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

3. Enhanced Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Territory Planning: The unified data allows for more accurate market segmentation, optimizing resource allocation. By understanding the geographic and demographic distribution of their target SMBs, businesses can strategically plan their sales territories to maximize coverage and efficiency.
  • Account Scoring: Growth indicators and transaction data are used to develop a robust account scoring model, prioritizing high-potential leads. This scoring model helps businesses identify the most promising SMBs to target, ensuring that their sales efforts are focused on the entities with the highest likelihood of conversion and growth.
  • Personalized Outreach: Detailed customer profiles enable highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, improving engagement and conversion rates. By tailoring their messaging and offers to the specific needs and behaviors of each SMB, businesses can drive higher levels of interest and engagement.

Parting Thoughts

Leveraging the power of transaction data with world-class entity resolution and bespoke contact data can transform how businesses approach their go-to-market strategies. The integration of LeadGenius and Enigma’s solutions not only enhances territory planning and account scoring but also supports growth indication and effective sales outreach, driving superior business outcomes.

For more information on how LeadGenius and Enigma can elevate your data strategy, visit LeadGenius Resources.

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