Where the Jobs Are: 10 E-Commerce Companies That Are Defying Tech Industry Layoffs.

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April 16, 2024

Every week it seems there’s yet another announcement about Tech industry layoffs. No one seems immune, from Amazon to Meta to Glassdoor and Microsoft, it seems the majority of tech companies are on a layoff spree. On this, the first week of spring, we wanted to be more optimistic and find out where people are hiring, where the jobs are.

We analyzed 2,000+ companies to find out which companies are hiring. We found that despite economic woes, E-Commerce companies continue to boom and are fueling their growth by hiring top talent.

In an era marked by economic uncertainty and widespread tech industry layoffs, the resilience and growth of the e-commerce sector stand out as a beacon of optimism. Our comprehensive analysis of over 2,000 companies reveals a compelling narrative of expansion and innovation, driven by e-commerce entities. Despite the challenging economic climate, these companies are not merely surviving; they are thriving, fueling their ascent by attracting and nurturing top-tier talent. This article highlights 10 e-commerce companies that have showcased exceptional growth and a commitment to expanding their teams over the past year, signaling a robust demand for skilled individuals who can propel their businesses to new heights.

Black Crow AI

Growth: 73% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $25M
Black Crow AI stands at the forefront of marketing innovation, leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize ad campaigns and drive sales. Their significant funding and team growth underscore their position as a leader in utilizing AI for marketing optimization.


Growth: Workforce doubled
Achievement: Raised $50M
Mutiny epitomizes personalization in e-commerce, offering tools that allow businesses to tailor the customer experience like never before. Their substantial investment and workforce expansion reflect their success in enhancing online customer interactions.


Growth: 53% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $10M Series B
Logiwa is transforming the logistics of high-volume fulfillment, enabling companies to scale their operations efficiently. Their growth in team size and funding highlights their vital role in modern e-commerce logistics.


Growth: 51% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $10M
Hotjar provides invaluable insights into user behavior and feedback, helping businesses refine their websites and boost conversions. Their team's growth and fundraising efforts attest to the importance of understanding customer interactions online.


Growth: 65% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $40M
Simpl's innovative payment solutions facilitate a smoother online shopping experience by offering installment payments. Their significant team growth and funding demonstrate their impact on making e-commerce more accessible.

Cashfree Payments

Growth: 58% team expansion
Cashfree Payments enhances the digital payment landscape in India, offering a secure and efficient gateway for businesses. Their team's substantial growth underscores their contribution to facilitating online transactions in a rapidly growing market.


Growth: 45% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $60M Series C
Justpay's secure and user-friendly payment platform is integral for businesses seeking reliable transaction solutions. Their growth in team size and funding indicates their commitment to improving payment processes.


Growth: 45% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $140M Series C
Commercetools is redefining e-commerce with its cloud-based platform, enabling businesses to manage their online stores more effectively. Their significant expansion is a testament to the evolving needs of e-commerce platforms.


Growth: 25% team expansion
Achievement: Raised $77M Series E
MoEngage's AI-powered marketing automation platform is crucial for engaging customers and personalizing marketing efforts. Their growth highlights the increasing reliance on AI to foster customer relationships.

Cash App

Growth: 51% team expansion
Cash App's mobile payment platform has become essential for users seeking convenient and secure transaction methods. Their team's rapid expansion reflects the growing demand for mobile payment solutions.

These companies exemplify the dynamic nature of the e-commerce industry, demonstrating how innovation, coupled with the strategic acquisition of talent, can drive success even in turbulent times. Their achievements not only highlight the potential for growth within the e-commerce sector but also underscore the industry's capacity to adapt and flourish amidst economic challenges. As these companies continue to expand and evolve, they pave the way for the future of e-commerce, marked by technological advancement and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the consumer experience.

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