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March 25, 2024

Mark Godley invites Brett McBee-Wise, VP of Product at LeadGenius, to be his guest for the 2019 April Data Dump show. Brett has a rich history in the martech space and has spent his entire career designing, marketing, and building sales and marketing software.  Mark and Brett dive into what product looks like at a data company, the importance of user experience, balancing internal systems with the customer experience and much more. If you’re in product management or looking to get started Brett is an awesome resource…listen and learn!

In the intricate world of data-driven businesses, understanding the multifaceted role of product development is akin to decoding a complex algorithm that lies at the heart of technological innovation. Mark Godley’s invitation to Brett McBee-Wise, VP of Product at LeadGenius, on the April 2019 edition of the Data Dump show, opens a window into this nuanced domain. Brett McBee-Wise, with his extensive background in the martech space, brings a wealth of knowledge on crafting products that don’t just serve but also innovate within the sales and marketing software industry.

The Essence of Product in a Data Company

At a data company, "product" transcends the conventional definitions often ascribed to physical goods or even standard software applications. It embodies a dynamic ecosystem where data itself becomes both the tool and the product, offering insights, predictions, and solutions tailored to the intricate needs of users navigating the vast seas of digital information. Brett McBee-Wise’s journey through the martech landscape underscores the evolutionary nature of product development in such an environment, where the traditional boundaries of what a product can do or be are continually expanding.

The Paramount Importance of User Experience (UX)

User experience stands at the core of product development in data companies. It’s about simplifying the complex—making the vast, often overwhelming world of data accessible, understandable, and actionable for the end user. Brett highlights the significance of designing products that not just meet but anticipate user needs, creating interfaces that allow seamless navigation through data, thereby transforming raw information into actionable insights. This approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also drives the adoption and effective utilization of the product.

Balancing Act: Internal Systems vs. Customer Experience

One of the most challenging aspects of product development, as discussed by Brett and Mark, is the balancing act between optimizing internal systems and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Data companies operate on sophisticated internal technologies to process, analyze, and manage data. However, the sophistication of these systems should not impede the usability of the product. Brett’s insights into navigating this balance shed light on the necessity of maintaining a laser focus on the end-user experience while ensuring the robustness and reliability of the backend systems. It’s a testament to the idea that the most powerful technology should feel intuitive and straightforward to the user.

Forward-Thinking Product Management

Brett McBee-Wise exemplifies the forward-thinking product manager who understands that in the realm of data companies, product development is an ongoing journey of innovation, adaptation, and user-centric design. He emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve, anticipating market shifts, and continually refining the product to meet evolving user expectations and technological advancements. This proactive approach ensures that products not only solve current challenges but also pave the way for future opportunities.


Listening to Brett McBee-Wise, it becomes clear that at the heart of every successful data company lies a deep commitment to innovative product development, user experience, and the balancing act between leveraging advanced internal systems and delivering seamless customer interactions. His insights offer invaluable lessons for anyone in product management or aspiring to make a mark in this field. As data continues to drive decision-making across industries, understanding and innovating on how products are designed, developed, and deployed in data companies will remain a critical determinant of success in the digital age.

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