How Account Monitoring with LeadGenius Drove Success for a Major Commercial Bank

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Marketing Operations
March 25, 2024


In today’s fast-paced business environment, commercial banks are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive appointments, increase bookings, and reduce delinquencies. Traditional methods often fall short in providing the real-time, actionable insights needed to make informed decisions. This is where LeadGenius comes in. We recently partnered with a Fortune 500 commercial bank to revolutionize their account monitoring process, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

The Challenge

The Central Business Management team at the bank was grappling with four key challenges:

  1. Providing predictive information on when a business may need credit.
  2. Enabling Go-To-Market (GTM) teams to form deeper connections with businesses and their leaders.
  3. Complementing existing risk models to identify delinquency risk.
  4. Predicting changes in performance for existing customers.

What We Did

To address these challenges, LeadGenius implemented a custom data solution that focused on the following value drivers:

Predictive Credit Information

We used our bespoke data to identify triggers and trends that signal when a business is likely to seek credit. This included data points like hiring trends, recent funding, and growth insights.

Insider Knowledge for GTM Teams

Our solution provided the GTM teams with real-time, actionable insights that allowed them to form deeper connections with potential and existing customers. This “insider” knowledge included custom data such as strategic hires, negative and positive news, and social handles.

Risk Model Complementation

We complemented the bank’s existing risk models by providing additional data points like site traffic trends and AdWords spend, which helped in identifying accounts that were less likely to default.

Predicting Customer Performance

For existing customers, our custom data helped predict changes in performance by monitoring metrics like Gross Processing Value and shipping providers.

The Results

The impact of our custom data solution was immediate and significant:

2x Increase in Bookings

Accounts that were monitored using LeadGenius’ insights were twice as likely to become customers. This is a game-changer for any Sales Leader looking to boost their team’s performance.

Significant Month-to-Month Spend

Our insights didn’t just stop at acquisition. We found that accounts monitored with our insights spent more month-to-month compared to those without, a key metric for Revenue Operations Leaders.

Lower Risk of Delinquency

Perhaps most importantly, the accounts identified through our insights were significantly less likely to default over time, providing immense value to the bank’s risk management efforts.  


The future of account based data and marketing is in custom insights and bespoke data, and this case study is a testament to that. LeadGenius’ custom data solution empowered this major commercial bank to not only meet but exceed their goals in driving appointments, increasing bookings, and reducing delinquencies.

So, whether you’re a Marketing Leader looking to find additional customers, a Sales Leader aiming to expand your audience, or a Revenue Operations Leader focused on increasing coverage and segmentation, LeadGenius has the custom data solution to meet your needs.

Don’t settle for traditional data lakes. Open your eyes to a world of possibilities with LeadGenius’ custom data and drive your business to new heights.

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