Executing Permission Pass Data with LeadGenius: A Comprehensive Guide

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April 24, 2024

In the realm of international marketing, where user privacy and data compliance are at the forefront, LeadGenius presents a pioneering method to manage contact data with its permission pass process. This approach not only ensures that your marketing campaigns remain effective but also guarantees adherence to stringent privacy standards such as GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. This guide provides an in-depth look into executing a permission pass data campaign with LeadGenius, focusing on maintaining respect for user preferences while complying with global data protection regulations. LeadGenius offers various permission pass processes which can be deployed in markets like Brazil and EMEA where compliance with data privacy standards is a huge risk. We have included one example below for educational purposes.

Step 1: Create a data campaign with pre-defined accounts

The journey begins by creating a data campaign focused on your target accounts. This step involves selecting specific accounts that align with your marketing objectives, ensuring a targeted approach to your outreach efforts. By defining your accounts upfront, you ensure that the subsequent steps are finely tuned to your campaign's goals, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your outreach.

Leadgenius Permission Pass Data Campaign

Step 2: LeadGenius curates data (contacts)

Once your campaign accounts are defined, LeadGenius steps in to curate a list of relevant contacts. This process is crucial as it ensures that your permission pass emails reach the right audience, maximizing the potential for engagement and opt-ins. LeadGenius leverages its expertise to gather contacts that not only fit your predefined criteria but are also more likely to show interest in your offering.

Step 3: LeadGenius sends a Permission Pass email to all contacts

The heart of the permission pass process lies in sending out the permission pass emails. These emails are crafted to inform recipients about your intent to engage with them and provide clear options to opt-in, opt-out, or unsubscribe from future communications. The emails are available in multiple languages, including Portuguese and English, ensuring that you can reach a global audience effectively. During a 5-day waiting period, recipients have the chance to respond, with clear buttons provided for opt-in and opt-out actions, alongside an unsubscribe link for those who wish to cease all communications. It's crucial to note that an alternate opt-in link is available, although it has shown lesser effectiveness in capturing explicit email additions.

opt out email
Portuguese Permission Pass Email

opt in email
English Permission Pass Email


opt in example


Unsubscribe link

Step 4: Review permission pass results

After the waiting period, the permission pass results are meticulously reviewed. The data is sorted to distinguish between contacts who have explicitly opted in, those who have opted out or unsubscribed, and those who have not responded, considered as passive opt-ins. This differentiation is vital as it ensures that only the contacts interested in your communications, or those who have not expressed disinterest, are moved forward in your marketing campaigns. It's worth noting that explicit opt-in rates vary by region, with a 3% rate observed for Brazil and a notable 5% rate for a specific campaign targeting Indonesia.

Data can be sorted in the following ways:

  • Do not deliver contacts who have opt’d out or unsubscribed
  • Deliver contacts who have opt’d in via the green button (explicit opt-in) or have not responded (passive opt-in)
  • Note: For a recent permission pass campaign for a customer targeting LATAM and APAC we received ~5% opt-ins

Step 5: Deliver data via the LeadGenius Platform

Finally, the curated and consented contact data is delivered through the LeadGenius Platform. This step marks the culmination of the permission pass process, providing you with a list of contacts that are not only relevant to your campaign but have also shown a level of engagement or interest in your communications. By delivering data through its platform, LeadGenius ensures a seamless integration of consented contacts into your marketing efforts, enabling you to proceed with confidence.

Brazilian Permission Pass

Tips and Tricks

The main tips for executing a successful permission pass email campaign, as highlighted in the post, include:

  1. Targeting Inactive Contacts: Send permission pass emails specifically to inactive contacts as a last effort before removing them from your mailing list. This focuses your efforts on engaging those who have not interacted with your emails for a while.
  2. Simplicity in Design: Keep the permission pass email simple. This enhances clarity and makes it easier for recipients to understand the purpose of the email and how they can respond.
  3. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a straightforward CTA that asks recipients if they wish to continue receiving emails from you. This could be a simple yes/no option or a more engaging approach, but it should be clear and direct.
  4. Confirmation Page Link: After recipients click on the CTA in the email, direct them to a thank you or confirmation page. This page can serve as a further engagement point and reinforce their decision to stay on your list.
  5. Option for Multiple Follow-ups: Consider sending more than one permission pass email, spaced out over a period (for example, weekly), to give recipients multiple opportunities to respond. Communicate clearly in the emails that this is part of a series and that non-responders will be opted out after the final attempt.
  6. Adherence to Commitments: Ensure that you follow through with the actions mentioned in your permission pass campaign. If you promise to remove non-responders from your list, make sure to do so. This builds trust and respects the preferences of your contacts.
  7. GDPR Compliance: For compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations like CCPA, make sure your permission pass campaign is designed in a way that respects privacy laws. This might involve specific wording, double opt-in processes, or ensuring that the unsubscribe option is clear and straightforward.

By focusing on these tips, you can execute a permission pass email campaign that effectively re-engages inactive subscribers while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and maintaining a clean, engaged email list.


As we navigate the B2B marketing terrain, embracing practices that prioritize privacy and compliance becomes imperative. The permission pass process by LeadGenius offers a robust framework for engaging with contacts in a manner that respects their preferences and adheres to the evolving data protection regulations, setting a new standard for responsible marketing.

By meticulously curating contacts, seeking explicit consent through permission pass emails, and delivering only the engaged or interested contacts, LeadGenius helps you navigate the complexities of modern marketing and data compliance space with ease.

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