Data Madness 2024: The Ultimate B2B Data Provider Showdown

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March 27, 2024

In honor of March Madness we thought it would be fun to put together a bracket of potential B2B data tools for 2024. In this ultimate showdown of B2B data providers, where we're breaking down the top providers across the data space in a March Madness-style analysis. This isn't your average sporting event; it's a battle across four distinct brackets: Technographics, Intent Data, Traditional Contact and Account Databases, and Bespoke Data Companies. Each category boasts its heavy hitters and underdogs, with new players making significant contributions. Let's dive into each bracket, highlighting top seeds, Cinderellas, and the promising up-and-comers shaping the future of B2B data.

Technographics Region

The Technographics Region in our B2B data provider showdown is a fascinating mix of established powerhouses, hidden gems, and ambitious newcomers, each bringing unique value to the table. In this category, companies are evaluated based on their ability to provide detailed insights into the technologies that businesses use—a crucial piece of intelligence for vendors aiming to tailor their sales and marketing efforts more effectively. Some look at onsite code and pixels while others examine digital exhaust to try and decipher what lies behind the firewall. Either way, technologies used are always an important factor in competitive intelligence and segmentation.

Top Seed: HG Insights

HG Insights remains the undisputed leader, thanks to its comprehensive analysis of technology deployments and budget allocations. With a robust dataset that covers millions of companies worldwide, HG Insights helps vendors identify potential customers based on their existing technology stack and investment priorities, making it a go-to resource for precision-targeted sales strategies.

Cinderella: BuiltWith

BuiltWith, the Cinderella of this bracket, possesses the unique ability to shine a light on lesser-seen web technologies. Its specialized focus on uncovering what's under the hood of company websites allows for a level of granularity that can surprise competitors and customers alike. BuiltWith's potential to upset the status quo lies in its dedication to uncovering the digital infrastructure of SMBs and enterprise clients, offering a fresh perspective on technographic data.

Up-and-Comer: WhatRuns

Taking the place of Clay, WhatRuns steps up as the up-and-comer with its unique approach to discovering the tools and technologies websites run. This innovative platform allows users to easily identify new technologies and trends, making it invaluable for companies looking to stay ahead in their technographic intelligence efforts. WhatRuns' focus on providing real-time insights into web technology usage positions it as a rising star with the potential to significantly impact how businesses approach their market strategies.

Dark Horse: SimilarWeb

Not to be overlooked, SimilarWeb emerges as the dark horse of the Technographics bracket. Traditionally known for its web traffic analysis capabilities, SimilarWeb has expanded its offerings to include in-depth technographic insights. By analyzing the digital behavior of companies and their online audiences, SimilarWeb offers a unique blend of market intelligence and technology usage data, positioning itself as a formidable contender capable of upsetting the balance.

Potential Upset: G2

While it may be a little unfair to place them in this category, G2 faces the formidable task of pivoting its model in an ever-evolving technographic arena. While renowned for its user-generated reviews and insights on software and services, the necessity for direct, actionable technographic data becomes ever more pressing. G2's challenge lies in transcending its conventional role to offer predictive, granular tech intelligence; failure to do so could see it eclipsed by nimbler, data-centric rivals in a fiercely competitive field.

Full Breakdown of the Region

  1. HG Insights: Offers deep, actionable insights on global technology installations and spending, positioning it as a leader for strategic decision-making.
  2. BuiltWith: Provides detailed information on the technology stacks of websites across the internet, valuable for competitive analysis and sales intelligence.
  3. SimilarWeb: Known for robust web analytics and technographic insights, it helps understand web traffic and technology usage patterns.
  4. Enlyft: Uses AI to deliver targeted technographic insights, helping companies identify and engage with prospects more effectively.
  5. Slintel: Gathers data on technology adoption, buying patterns, and intent, making it a go-to for market intelligence. The data firm was bought by 6sense in 2021.
  6. Wappalyzer: Identifies web technologies used by online businesses, offering real-time insights for market research and lead generation.
  7. WhatRuns: A handy tool for discovering the technologies and tools websites are using, beneficial for web developers and marketers alike.
  8. SimilarTech: Provides insights into the use of web technologies and analytics across different domains, useful for market analysis and lead discovery.
  9. Soleadify: Specializes in finding targeted B2B leads with detailed technographic and firmographic data, ideal for precision marketing.
  10. DiscoverOrg/ZoomInfo: Offers a wide range of B2B data, including technographics, to enhance sales and marketing efforts.
  11. Datanyze: Known for its real-time insights into technology usage and adoption, it's instrumental for sales teams and marketers.
  12. Clearbit: Merges technographic data with rich firmographic and demographic details for comprehensive market intelligence.
  13. G2: Leverages user-generated content to provide insights into software and service adoption trends across industries.
  14. Demandbase: Integrates technographic data with account-based marketing strategies to refine targeting and engagement.
  15. LeadFeeder: Identifies companies visiting your website, providing insights into their interests based on their technology stack.
  16. UpLead: Delivers B2B leads with valuable technographic information, enhancing targeting and personalization efforts.

Intent Region

In the cutthroat arena of the Intent Data Bracket, a diverse array of contenders locks horns, each striving to dominate the domain of predictive analytics and buyer intent. This crucial field represents a vital frontier for businesses keen on sharpening their targeting precision and supercharging their sales tactics with data-driven insights. As we delve deeper into this competitive landscape, it becomes evident that the stakes are higher than ever. Companies are not merely competing on the quality of data they offer but on their ability to predict future customer actions and intentions with unparalleled accuracy.

The intent data industry finds itself at an intriguing juncture, marked by both opportunity and uncertainty. Traditional technologies such as cookies and reverse IP tracking, once the backbone of digital marketing strategies for understanding customer behavior, are now under scrutiny. The diminishing reliability of cookies, compounded by increasing privacy regulations and browser restrictions, has sparked a quest for more innovative and privacy-compliant methods of capturing buyer intent.

Simultaneously, the reliance on device identification as a means to track and analyze consumer behavior is navigating through uncharted legal and ethical waters. With global privacy laws evolving rapidly, and consumers becoming more conscious of their digital footprints, the legality and moral implications of device tracking are being questioned. This scrutiny places additional pressure on intent data providers to innovate while adhering to stringent privacy standards.

Top Seed: Bombora

Bombora distinguishes itself as the frontrunner in the Intent Data Bracket with its expansive network of B2B intent data, covering a wide array of industries and topics. Its ability to track content consumption patterns across a vast consortium of websites enables Bombora to provide granular insights into buyer interest and intent, making it an indispensable tool for marketers seeking to identify in-market accounts with precision.

Cinderella: 6sense

6sense has emerged as a beacon of innovation, leveraging AI and big data to illuminate the dark funnel like never before. Here's how they're making waves and why industry leaders are sitting up and taking notice. At the heart of 6sense's platform is a predictive AI engine that processes billions of intent signals from across the web. This technology doesn't just track interest; it predicts it, allowing businesses to engage with prospects at the earliest stage of their buying journey.

Up-and-Comer: carves out its niche in the Intent Data Bracket by focusing on email intent data, offering a specialized perspective on how email interactions can signal customer interest and engagement. This unique approach provides valuable insights into not just acquisition but also customer retention strategies, positioning as a vital player for companies looking to maximize the lifetime value of their customer base.

Potential Upset: Madison Logic

Madison Logic, once hailed for its account-based marketing solutions that offer targeted engagement and measurement, faces the challenge of maintaining its momentum in an increasingly competitive intent data landscape. As more players enter the market with innovative technologies and methodologies, Madison Logic must continue to evolve its offerings to stay ahead of the curve and deliver value that matches the changing needs of marketers.

Dark Horse: is a platform that enhances B2B marketing strategies by providing intent data and activation tools. It leverages multiple layers of intent signals to identify businesses that are actively researching products or services similar to what a company offers. This process involves analyzing data from various sources, including web searches, content downloads, and other online behaviors indicative of purchase intent.

Full Breakdown of the Region

  1. Bombora: The clear leader for its comprehensive coverage and depth in B2B intent data, providing insights across a vast network.
  2. 6sense: Combines AI with big data to offer predictive modeling and buyer intent insights, making it a strong contender in the market.
  3. ZoomInfo: Known for its detailed contact and account data, ZoomInfo also offers powerful intent signals through its vast database.
  4. Specializes in email intent data, offering insights into customer retention and engagement metrics that are not widely covered by others.
  5. Madison Logic: Excels in account-based marketing with precise targeting and the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  6. TechTarget: Offers specialized intent data for technology buyers, driven by content consumption across its extensive network of tech-focused sites.
  7. TrustRadius: Similar to G2, it uses product reviews and user feedback to generate intent data, offering a user-validated approach to buyer interest.
  8. Capterra: Provides intent data through software reviews and search activity on its platform, useful for identifying buyers in the software market.
  9. G2: Stands out for leveraging real user reviews to offer unique buyer intent insights, especially useful for SaaS companies.
  10. Intentsify: Provides intent data from various sources, including web searches, content downloads, and other online behaviors indicative of purchase intent.
  11. Demandbase: A leader in account-based marketing, providing intent data along with a suite of tools to target and engage key accounts.
  12. Clearbit: Known for its data enrichment services, Clearbit also offers intent signals through its real-time data-fetching capabilities.
  13. Aberdeen: Offers market intelligence and intent data services that help companies target and engage with in-market buyers effectively. They Purchased the BigWillow a few years back which should lift them in the rankings.
  14. A niche player that provides contact-level intent data, giving direct insights into individual buyer interests and behaviors.
  15. PathFactory: Focuses on content insight and engagement, offering intent data based on how prospects interact with content across the buying journey.
Zoominfo is seeing an explosion in worthy competition.

Traditional Database Region

In the bustling arena of Traditional Contact and Account Databases, where the depth and accuracy of data reign supreme, a select few have risen to the top, challenging established norms and setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Top Seed: ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo stands as the titan of this bracket, with its unparalleled database offering an exhaustive array of detailed contact and account information. Its ability to provide deep insights into B2B contacts and accounts, powered by sophisticated data-gathering technologies and machine learning, makes it the gold standard for sales and marketing professionals seeking targeted outreach. Zoom has long dominated this Region, but data quality issues and questionable renewal practices are starting to create churn.

Cinderella: Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator, powered by LinkedIn's expansive professional network, brings a wealth of insights to the table. Leveraging the depth of LinkedIn's data, Sales Navigator enables users to pinpoint and connect with potential clients through advanced search and recommendation features, making it an indispensable tool for modern sales teams. The only thing holding SalesNav back is a lack of email addresses and direct dials.

Up-and-Comer:, the Cinderella story of this group, dazzles with its fresh approach, seamlessly blending sales intelligence with an engagement platform to offer something truly unique. By integrating real-time data with actionable insights, equips users to not just identify but effectively engage with their targets, shaking up the traditional dynamics of the field.

Dark Horse: Clearbit

Clearbit emerges as the dark horse after the acquisition by Hubspot earlier this year. Quietly revolutionizing the space with its data enrichment and intelligence capabilities. Offering real-time access to data that can transform leads into detailed profiles, Clearbit enables companies to tailor their approaches with precision, potentially upending the competition with its under-the-radar but potent capabilities.

Potential Upset: Lead411

Lead411 presents itself as a significant force with a comprehensive approach to sales intelligence and data provision. However, as the marketplace evolves and demands more nuanced and predictive analytics, Lead411 must navigate the challenges of keeping pace with the innovation curve to avoid falling into the potential upset category.

Additional Contenders:

Uplead: With a commitment to high-quality data and user-friendly design, Uplead is quickly becoming a go-to source for real-time verified contact and company data.

LeadSpace: Offers a customer data platform that combines AI with proprietary data to help users discover, enrich, and score leads for more effective engagement.

Full Breakdown of the Region

  1. ZoomInfo - Renowned for its extensive database and depth of insights into B2B contacts and accounts.
  2. - Combines sales intelligence and engagement tools with a robust database for streamlined prospecting.
  3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Utilizes LinkedIn's vast professional network for targeted sales insights and connections.
  4. Cognism - Offers global B2B data with a strong emphasis on compliance and actionable insights.
  5. Uplead - Known for real-time verified contact and company data, offering high accuracy and usability.
  6. Lead411 - Provides targeted sales intelligence with actionable insights and quality data for lead generation.
  7. LeadGenius - Offers bespoke data services with custom contact and account insights tailored to client needs, positioned uniquely for its tailored approach and comprehensive insights into various markets.
  8. Clearbit - Specializes in real-time data enrichment, offering personalized outreach capabilities.
  9. SalesIntel - Focuses on high accuracy with its manually researched B2B contacts and comprehensive intent data.
  10. Lusha - Simplifies finding contact and company information, popular for its ease of use and integration capabilities.
  11. BuzzBoard - Provides insights into SMBs, utilizing a vast array of data points for targeted marketing and sales efforts.
  12. Hunter - Specializes in finding and verifying email addresses, making it essential for outreach and lead generation.
  13. - A growing contender, offering contact and company data with tools for lead management and sales acceleration.
  14. Seamless.AI - Delivers real-time B2B data, streamlining lead generation and sales prospecting processes.
  15. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B): A titan in the field of business information and analytics, D&B offers invaluable insights for risk management, credit decisioning, and B2B sales and marketing strategies.
  16. RocketReach - Allows users to find email, phone, and social media links for millions of professionals, broadening outreach capabilities.

Each of these providers has its unique strengths and may serve different needs depending on your sales and marketing strategies.

Bespoke Data Tools Region

The Bespoke Data Tools Region showcases a dynamic competition among providers offering highly customized data solutions tailored to unique business needs. This segment is particularly intriguing for its emphasis on creativity, customization, and direct response to the nuanced demands of today's businesses. Bespoke data is also experiencing a renaissance as new data privacy standards and need for international and data on SMBs become a larger focus.

Top Seed: LeadGenius

LeadGenius takes the top spot with its unparalleled ability to provide bespoke data at scale. Distinguished by its global reach and commitment to delivering custom insights, LeadGenius supports companies across various sectors, ensuring data solutions are perfectly aligned with each client's specific objectives. Their approach combines advanced AI with human intelligence to generate actionable insights, setting a high bar in the bespoke data category.

Cinderella: KeyPlay

KeyPlay, the Cinderella of this bracket, specializes in delivering detailed insights for niche industry verticals. This provider stands out by offering data solutions that are not just general but highly targeted towards specific market segments, making it a potential game-changer for businesses operating in specialized fields. With its unique positioning and deep focus, KeyPlay could defy expectations and make a significant impact in the tournament.

Up-and-Comer: Clay

Clay describes itself not just as another data provider, but as a platform encompassing all data providers. It combines over 50 data sources, real-time web scraping, and AI to deliver highly personalized campaigns designed to secure meetings. This innovative approach allows users to creatively identify and connect with customers, leveraging a vast range of data points, from LinkedIn information and Google searches to website keywords, tech stacks, job listings, and even GPT-4-generated content .

Dark Horse: Cognism

Cognism deserves attention as the dark horse in this bracket, offering a powerful blend of global business data with a focus on compliance and actionable insights. Their extensive database, combined with predictive analytics and real-time data updates, positions Cognism as a formidable contender capable of delivering surprising upsets by providing timely, relevant, and compliant data solutions to its clients.

Potential Upset: InsightSquared

Renowned for its sales analytics and forecasting solutions, confronts a pivotal moment in the bespoke data bracket, a segment that prizes innovation and custom data solutions. In a market that is rapidly gravitating towards providers who can deliver not just data, but insights uniquely tailored to specific business challenges, InsightSquared's traditional analytics-focused model may need a significant evolution. To stay competitive and relevant, InsightSquared must broaden its offerings to include more customized, actionable intelligence that meets the exacting requirements of businesses seeking data-driven advantages.

Full Breakdown of the Region

  1. LeadGenius - Unmatched in custom data services and global outreach, offering insights tailored to specific company needs.
  2. Clay - A groundbreaking tool linking Revenue Ops teams to 50 different data sources via one interface.
  3. Rhetoric - Introduces linguistic analysis for deep sales insights, offering a fresh perspective in data interpretation.
  4. KeyPlay - Specializes in industry-specific insights, providing targeted data for niche markets.
  5. Sifted - Delivers specialized e-commerce and logistics data, offering bespoke insights critical for these sectors.
  6. CustomData AI - Creates custom AI-driven data solutions, catering to unique business needs.
  7. InsightSquared - Offers specialized analytics and business intelligence solutions tailored to sales and marketing demands.
  8. NimbleData - Provides agile data solutions, adaptable to rapidly changing market conditions.
  9. TailorMade Insights - Expert in custom market research and insights, aiding businesses in strategic decision-making.
  10. DeepContext - Offers in-depth contextual analysis, enabling better informed decision-making processes.
  11. MarketMover Analytics - Provides analytical services to uncover market trends and opportunities.
  12. DataCrafters - Specializes in creating custom datasets for niche markets and addressing specific business challenges.
  13. ElevateIQ - Delivers tailored business intelligence solutions, enhancing decision-making processes.
  14. PrecisionProspects - Offers highly targeted data services, pinpointing precise market segments for focused engagement.
  15. Cognism - Known for dynamic sales intelligence and targeted marketing data, providing actionable insights.
  16. Insightsquared - Expert in crafting custom data-driven strategies, driving growth and competitive advantage.

Quick Recap

As the dust settles on this epic showdown of B2B data providers, we reflect on a tournament that's been nothing short of a revelation. Across four fiercely competitive brackets—Technographics, Intent Data, Traditional Contact and Account Databases, and Bespoke Data Companies—we've witnessed titans clash, underdogs rise, and the landscape of data-driven business strategies be forever altered. From HG Insights' unassailable depth in the Technographics field to LeadGenius' unparalleled custom data solutions, each contender has demonstrated the critical role of precise, actionable data in today’s business world.

In a thrilling journey through rounds of intense competition, we've seen the Cinderellas of each bracket—BuiltWith, G2,, and KeyPlay—challenge the status quo with their niche focuses and innovative approaches. The up-and-comers like WhatRuns and Rhetoric have introduced fresh perspectives that promise to reshape the future of B2B data. Yet, as we venture beyond the brackets, it’s clear that the real winners are the businesses and marketers armed with these insights, now equipped to navigate the complexities of the market with greater agility and precision.

The march toward data supremacy has showcased not just the power of numbers, but the stories they tell, the strategies they inform, and the successes they can predict. As we crown the champions of each bracket, let’s not forget the spirit of innovation, determination, and excellence that has permeated this tournament. The quest for the ultimate B2B data provider may have reached its conclusion for 2024, but the insights gained will resonate far beyond, heralding a new era of data-driven decision-making. The games have concluded, but the impact of this tournament will be felt across industries for years to come. To all who’ve followed this journey, let this be a reminder that in the arena of B2B data, knowledge is not just power—it’s the key to unlocking untold business potential.

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